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What is the Full form of CPE?

CPE: Customer premises equipment

The Full Form of CPE is Customer premises equipment (CPE) is a phone or other specialist co-op equipment that is situated on the customer’s premises (physical area) instead of on the supplier’s premises or in the middle. Phone handsets, satellite TV set-top boxes, and Digital Subscriber Line switches are models. Verifiably, this term alluded to equipment set at the customer’s finish of the phone line and typically claimed by the phone organization. Today, practically any end-client equipment can be called customer premise equipment and it tends to be claimed by the customer or by the supplier.

Other CPE Full form –

  • CPE – Common Professional Examination
  • CPE – Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema
  • CPE – Chemical Potential Energy
  • CPE – Chronic pulmonary emphysema
  • CPE – Complete Physical Examination
  • CPE – CytoPathic Effect
  • CPE – Certified Professional Ergonomist
  • CPE – Certified Professional Electrologist

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