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CPU Full Form / Full Form of CPU

The Full form of CPU is the central processing unit. It is also called as the brain of the computer. CPU is the main thing when it comes to the computers and electronics because it is the brain of any equipment that take commands and serve us as it commanded. 
There are many components fitted in the CPU and its not the simple component as it contains many complex coding and equipment. CPU lands on the motherboard on a specific place that we call CPU socket. CPU is basically is processer that process everything like outputting some particular task like our brains do.
The CPU perform the basic tasks arithmetic, logical, controlling and input and output as specified by the operation or instruction.

The Design of CPU ( central processing unit )

The Design of CPU has over the period of time but the fundamentals of the architecture of CPU remain unchanged. Let’s Look at the design of the CPU and what are the components that are attached to the processer to carried out different tasks. 
1. The principal components of processer contain and arithmetical logic unit (ALU) that performs all the arithmetical. logical operations. Processers take the instructions and supply the output and store the output in ALU. Basically, it does the execution of an instruction.
2. The second component a CPU contains is Control unit, as it is the most important part of the CPU that carries out the complete task by instruction the computer system like a computer screen and audio etc.
3. The Third component a CPU has id register, you can guess its work by its work name as it registers al the command, input or instruction, output and registers all in the memory and it also tracks the usage or operation carried out by the processor.

Types of CPUs –

There are several types of computers when it comes to building of a computer/processor. There are leading two companies in the pc market that makes processors for computers and laptops are Intel and AMD. In the Mobile market, There are many mainstream CPU makers like Qualcomm, Mediatek, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other companies as well.
So These are Types of CPUs –
Some more Full forms

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