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DM Full Form / Full Form OF DM

Dm is a short phrase that people use on social media like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, WhatsApp and many more. 
DM means direct message. 
If someone says dm me or anyone, UT just simply means that He wants you to message him or her. There are many words like dm, lol ok and many more. Dm is a social media term that refers to private message on social media Like In twitter you can send someone personal tweets that only you and another person can see.

Same you can send a private message on other social media like Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Private message in WhatsApp is an end to end encryption so that only you can view your message and data.

Different Full forms of DM.

Dm in government duties refers to the position of a particular District. DM full form is District Magistrate.

A District Magistrate is an IAS (Indian administrative services) officer who is the most executive magistrate and chief in charge of the general administration of a district in India.
DM keeps an eye on people working in the lower level of village, city and district. DM is also responsible for the Law and order in the district.

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