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Full Form of DP / DP Full Form

If you use social media like Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram then the chances are you know what does the DP mean, or The best explaination of DP. In the whatsapp or Facebook case, DP means the Display Picture.
I’m sure you always change your whatsapp dp or Facebook Dp regularly beacause Its so boring to have only one DP for more then 2-3 days. So If you want perfect whatsapp dp, Love dp, Romantic dp then you should Consider This website (whatsapp dp).

DP Full Form in electrical

DP in electrical can have many meaning because electrical science has so many things that are represented dp but some of them does not make sense so In our ideas what we feel is right i=and its definately right.
DP full form in electrical is Double Pole. We usally call transformer DP which produce eletrecity placed at certain heights on poles or Big rock solid plates.  Dp means Double pole and transformer is placed between these 2 poles, because of that usaually transformers gets called DP.
DP also stands for distribution panel in a supply system. When referring to a switch, it stands for double pole.
So DP in supply system is different from transformer, which may called by different names depending on construction, voltages, applications, cooling methods etc

Dp Full Form In school

DP full form in school can refer to some places or some departments and sometimes even somebody’s name (Just  kidding).  DP Full form in school can refer from Department of Physics.

DP Full Form in Banking

DP Full form in banking is Depository participant.

Depository participant

In India, a Depository Participant (DP) is described as an Agent of the depository. They are the intermediaries between the depository and the investors. The relationship between the DPs and the depository is governed by an agreement made between the two under the Depositories Act. In a strictly legal sense, a DP is an entity who is registered as such with SEBI under the sub section 1A of Section 12 of the SEBI Act. As per the provisions of this Act, a DP can offer depository-related services only after obtaining a certificate of registration from SEBI. As of 2012, there were 288 DPs of NSDL and 563 DPs of CDSL registered with SEBI.[1][2]
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