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IUPAC Full form

IUPAC: International union of pure and applied chemistry   The Full form of IUPAC is the International union of pure and applied chemistry. IUPAC is an International scientific authority that is responsible for Naming new-found elements in the periodic table, chemical nomenclature, atomic weights, with the standardized methods for measurement and other critically evaluate data as well.  

    This Organization was established in 1919 by the academic and industrial chemist who shares a common goal to make chemical science more flexible and helpful via collaborating to the organization and sharing each other knowledge. All through its long history, IUPAC has satisfied that objective through the making of a typical language and the institutionalization of procedures and systems.   But IUPAC is not just a naming organization of elements, It is much more than that, IUPAC is an innovator in the arrangement of goal logical ability for the goals of basic worldwide issues that include each part of science, all of which have a cultural effect.   You can read more about IUPAC on their website ( Check here )   More Full forms –

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