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What is the Full form of lbs?

there are many Full forms os lbs in different sectors. I will tell you the full form of many lbs related queries, like lbs full form in medical, lbs full form in weight, lbs full form in mobile services and many more.  

(1) lbs: Pound

The Full form of lbs in weight is a pound. I know it doesn’t match like pound or lbs, But lbs is a Latin word used to derive pound. It is basically a symbol of the pound. The pound is an internationally approved term used to define the mass of an object or weight. Countries of the commonwealth have agreed to use pound and yard as default measures. lbs are the same term used in medical, pressure, engineering, nursing etc.   

(2) lbs: Location-based services

The full form of lbs is also location-based services. It is the tech used by many advertisers, maps, or tech giants like Google, Apple, and Samsung etc. it will prefer you the services near you, a product that is selling nearby and advertisements that you are most likely to buy. It is a software that tranks you with your phone, laptop or any other device GPS and recommends you the services near you.   There are several Locating methods via mobile devices. First is GPS tracking that uses your Gps data to send you a recommendation.  

Methods of sending your Location –

There are many methods to send your location to anyone by manually or automatic. If any apps ask you to grant permission to use your location, and it will give you two options Allow or Deny. If you allow it It will use your location according to its need. We recommend you allow your location information to those apps who are legit and have a reason to use your location.    Example: If you have an app that is for online maps, or have a use of location then its ok to grant a permission for it, but If you have an app that is a Good morning wish and message app, and it will ask you to allow Location information then you should not grant it permission to locate your device.  

Via social Media

you can send your location through social media app like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp on your own.   There is some location-based app that provides you with the traffic situation, weather like things, these types of can ask you to provide your location. Example: Google Maps, Apple Maps etc.      

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