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OK Full form / Full form of OK.

Full form of OK is Olla Kala. Olla Kala is a Greek word that means ‘All correct’. Ok is used in sentences of acceptance, approval, and acknowledgement. There are many theories that explain the meaning of ok and some of them are logical and some of them are not. I will explain each theory about Full form of OK and will give you all the explanation of Ok full form.
So let’s dive into the first theory that says OK is a short form of okay.
OK, that also spells as okay is an English word that denotes acceptance, acknowledgement, agreement and assent. Ok is the worlds most widely used word and widely understood the world in all languages. 
As an adjectives, “OK” principally means “adequate” or “acceptable” as a contrast to “bad”.
it can also mean “mediocre” when used in contrast with “good”.
2. There are also other theories of ok is Oll wright.
3. objection killed is also the Full form of OK
4. There is also a theory that in the war when army man used to report to how many soldiers have been killed If No soldier had been killed then they would report O.k. .So this word turned out to be a good or positive word. So this is also a-ok theory.
FRiend 1: Hi
Friend 2: Hi
Friend 1: How are you?
Friend 2: ok
Chat goes on..
Friend 1: I am going to market.
Friend2: ok
Chat end.

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