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What is the Full Form of OTG?

OTG: On the Go

  The Full form of OTG is On the Go. It is a very device small device that allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet with a digital camera, mouse, keyboard or any accessories. It was first used in the early 2000s.    it also lets you connect your USB devices and let them act as the host for any accessories. It is a very small equipment that is connected to your device with micro-USB or USB-c port. OTG is some kind of cable or device with has 2 ends, The first is USB type-A and the second end is a Micro-USB or USB-c port.   You can use OTG to transfer your data from your sd card or import photos from a digital camera or any device with mobile without a computer or a laptop.  

OTG: Oven Toaster Grill

The second Full form of OTG is Oven Toaster grill. It is a product that is used in kitchen for backing, Grilling the Food. if you own a bakery or a professional chef then having dedicated equipment for baking and grilling, Its good to have an OTG ( oven Toaster Grill ).   here is an OTG Buying Guide for You (click here)  

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