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What is the Full Form of PFA?

There are many Full forms of PFA in every department of work. I will explain all the Full Form here to make it understandable to you, according to your need.  

PFA Full Form | What is the Full Form of PFA? - fullformOcean

PFA Full Form in Mail, Banking.

PFA: Please Find the attachment   PFA Full form is Please Find attachment. It is an internet slang used in banking services or any email, you can encounter with this abbreviation. This term is used when you attach any image, file with your email. It signifies that there is an attachment with your email, please find it.  

PFA Full Form in Food

PFA: Prevention of Food Adulteration   It is a program run by the Indian government Food department to prevent the adulteration of Foods.  The subject of the Prevention of Food Adulteration is in the simultaneous rundown of the constitution. In any case, as a rule, the requirement of the Act is finished by the State/U.T Governments. The Central Government basically assumes a warning job in its execution other than completing different statutory capacities/obligations allocated to it under the different arrangements of the Act.  

PFA Full Form in Railway

PFA: Principal Financial Advisor    PFA  is the Head of Accounts Department whose functions include keeping the accounts of the Railway in accordance with the prescribed rules, exercise internal check of transactions affecting the receipts and expenditure of railway, compilation of budgets and monitoring the budgetary control procedures. Also discharges other management accounting functions such as providing financial data for management reporting, assisting inventory management, participation in purchase / contracting decisions.  

Other PFA Full Forms –

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