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What is the Full form Of PSI?

(1)Pound per square inch: 

PSI represents Pound per Square Inch. It is the unit of weight. One PSI is equivalent to the weight which is made when one pound-power is applied to a region of one square inch. Thus, PSI is the proportion of power which is applied to one square inch territory.

This is the formula of PSI (Pound per square inch)

1 PSI= 1 lb (pound)/ 1inch2

PSI Full form 2020 | What is the Full Form of PSI? - FullformOcean

(2). PSI (Population Services International)

PSI represents Population Services International. It is a worldwide wellbeing association which was set up to improve the soundness of individuals in creating nations. It instructs individuals about the advantages of family arranging and gives clinical administrations and life-sparing medications for genuine illnesses like HIV, jungle fever, loose bowels, pneumonia and unhealthiness. The association is headquartered in Washington, D.C. It is spread crosswise over in excess of 60 nations around the globe and has around 9,000 staff individuals.   In India, The PSI has been working since 1988. It is currently over 1000 staff members across India and It provides clinical services across nation with over 20+ states accessibility. PSI helps in treating some of the major  health issues like HIV/AIDS, Malaria prevention, Child survival, Sanitation, Tuberculosis, Maternal Health, Family Planning   More Full forms –

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