PVR Full form | What is full form of PVR? -FullformOcean

What is the Full form of PVR?

PVR Full form | What is full form of PVR? -FullformOcean

  PVR full form is Priya Village roadshow. It started in 1997 and It is a joint venture with Priya exhibitors private limited and village roadshow (village roadshow, Australia). It was a revolutionary concept that changed the whole experience of watching films in India. It has some rich surrounding sound technology Dolby digital that produces some great sound and enhances the experience of a film. It had very large and good quality digital screens and very well seating availabilities that attracted many audiences.   The owner of this company is Ajay bijli who made it what it is today. The PVR is one of the leading chain multiplexes in India. They have almost 60% of the market share in the cinema industry.  

Operating Headquarter

Its Headquarter is situated in  Block A, 4th Floor, Building No. 9 DLF Cyber City, Phase II Gurgaon, Haryana.   They have much Theater across the country and They also have PVR Mega Mall and Many premium 4 screen Cinema hall.   You can read more about PVR Cinemas on wikipedia   PVR is a well known company in and out of the country as well. They have many cinema hall outside of the country as well.    

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