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What is the Full form of RI?

There are many Full forms of RI but what is the perfect RI Full form according to your needs. Here we have the three Full forms of RI.  

(1). RI: Revenue inspecter

RI Full form is Revenue inspecter. A job as a Revenue Inspector falls under the broader career category of Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents  

(2). RI: Rigorous Imprisonment

RI Full form is Rigorous imprisonment. It is a term that is used in military and Police. Rigorous Imprisonment implies the imprisonment of the wrongdoer in a way that expands the hardship of the prison term dependent on the idea of the offence submitted by him by exposing the guilty party to exceptional game plans in the prison.  

(3). RI: Referential Integrity Ring Indicate

Referential integrity alludes to the precision and consistency of information inside a relationship.    Seeing someone, information is connected between at least two tables. This is accomplished by having the outside key (in the related table) reference an essential key worth (in the essential – or parent – table). Along these lines, we have to guarantee that information on the two sides of the relationship stays unblemished.    Along these lines, referential integrity requires that at whatever point an outside key worth is utilized it must reference a substantial, existing essential key in the parent table.  

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