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What is the Full Form of SDO?

SDO: Sub-division Officer The Full Form of SDA is Sub-division Officer. The Sub-Divisional Officer is the chief official of the sub-division. One can be delegated in various branches of government like structural, designing, power, water, Central public works department (CPWD), Department of Posts, MES (Military Engineering Services), and so on.    The base capability expected to show up in this test is Diploma (or identical capability) in applicable order of Engineering for example Common, electrical and mechanical. There is a blast in Civil Engineering government employments and finding an administration line of work is the fantasy idolized by a lot of people.    The Age to become an SDO is between 21 to 30 years (some unwinding is given for SC/ST up-and-comers).    Enrollment is done through the state Staff Selection Commission (SSC).  

who is more powerful: SDO or SDM?

So you must have gone through this confusion that who is more powerful in the subdivision. Powerful in the sense of position or who have the power to override the each-other decision.   SDM stands for Sub Division magistrate and SDO stands for Subdivision Officer. Both have different powers.   SDM uses the power of CRPC ( criminal procedure code ). SDM is responsible for law and order in the area and he can order “lathi charge” or “aansu gas” if there is any serious situation between groups or with police.   While SDO uses the power of land revenue code. SDO is a revenue officer who is the head of tahsildar. This is a post under the land revenue court.   I hope it clears your confusion about these posts.  

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