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What is the Full Form of SI?

SI: International System of Units   The Full form of SI is the International System of units, SI is also an abbreviation of French Système international (d’unités). is the modern system of metrics. It is also a widely used form of measurement.  

    It includes a cognizant arrangement of units of estimation based on seven base units, which are the second, meter, kilogram, ampere, kelvin, mole, candela, and a lot of twenty prefixes to the unit names and unit images that might be utilized when determining products and parts of the units   There is also another Full form of SI  

SI: Sub-Inspecter

SI stands for Sub-Inspecter. It is generally In charge of a police station. This is a rank system in Indian police services. SI ranks high above ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspecter).      A sub-investigator (SI) is by and large in direction of barely any police staff (with head constables, the likeness corporals, instructing police stations). He is the least positioned official who under Indian Police rules and guidelines can record a charge sheet in court, and is typically the primary researching official. Officials subordinate to him can’t document charge sheets, however, can just research cases for his benefit. He can be the station official in a portion of the states like Kerala   More Full Forms –

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