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What is the Full form of Sic?

SIC: thus was it written (Latin word)   The full form of sic “Thus was it written”, It is a Latin word signifying “hence,” “so,” “all things considered,”. It is a sectioned articulation used to demonstrate that a strange spelling, express, or some other going before cited material is proposed to be perused or printed precisely as appeared (instead of being a blunder) and ought not to be remedied. sic is commonly put inside square sections [ ] , or in enclosures ( ) .   The common use is to advise the peruser that any mistakes or clear blunders in cited material don’t emerge from mistakes over the span of the translation, yet are purposefully replicated, precisely as they show up in the source content. It is commonly put inside square sections to show that it isn’t a piece of the cited issue.    Sic may likewise be embedded disparagingly, to point out the first author’s spelling botches or wrong rationale, or to show general objection or aversion of the material.  

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