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TBH Full form / Full form of tbh and Idk.

Tbh and idk are short phrases of long sentences. It is mainly used in social message Like Facebook and Instagram by the young generation and It is also used in WhatsApp language.
We can also use Tbh and Idk in normal conversations at before or after sentence presenting an honest opinion.
Tbh means To be honest and Idk Means I don’t know 

Full-Form of TBH and IDK in WhatsApp language and Instagram

Tbh and Idk has become such a common name in conversations and social media. The young generation doesn’t want to write all the sentences so they just shorten the sentence in something cool name that is easy to pronounce and easy to understand.
But a lot of people don’t understand the meaning of the Tbh and idk and other short phrases used for long sentences. If somebody doesn’t know these short phrases full form that’s why we build this blog Full formOcean to help you guys.
Now Enough philosophy Lets apply This on real sentences and conversations –
Let’s try this conversation and apply tbh and idk in these sentences
Friend 1: Hey Buddy! What’s up? How are you doing?
Friend 2: Nothing much. I’m ver bored Tbh.
Some people prefer it to write in lowercase like tbh (To Be Honest) and idk ( I don’t know). While other people preferred to write in capital letters like TBH and IDK.

IDk Full Form 

Idk full form is I dont know, again this is how Instagram and social media chat works There Ar many words like idk, ily (I love you), 143 (I love you ).
Now let’s also try this out in conversation and sentences
Friend 1: Hey dude, Do you know what is the homework of today?
Friend 2: Sorry bro idk about this.
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