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UNICEF Full Form / Full form of Unicef

The Full Form of Unicef is United Nations International children’s Emergency Food. Unicef is a sub-brand non-profit organization bu United nations. It was mainly formed to meet the emergency need of post-war refugees mostly children across Europe and China.
Unicef was formed on 11 December 1964. Earlier the full form of Unicef was United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, But now Its full form is United Nations Children Fund Because it is called Unicef now because the Unicef become popular so The United Nations did not want to change the original acronym and symbolism of Unicef so they did not Rename it.
Unicef was founded to serve the purpose of providing food, safety, education to the children affected by world war 2. Unicef 
The Unicef become the permanent program of the united nation in 1953 since then Unicef has stood for the rights of the children and is currently working in 190 countries across the globe and taking their care and providing them security and basic needs. 
There are a lot of Unicef brand ambassadors, and they promote the Unicef and encourage freedom and fundraise for United nations to help Poor people.
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