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What is the Full Form of UNO?

UNO: United nations organization   The Full form of UNO is the United Nations Organization. It is an international body that was made in 1945 After World War 2. UNO was established to uphold human rights, Internation peace, Promoting democracy. It is because the consequences of world war 2 were so horrible so Most of the nation agreed to form an international governing body that helps in maintaining peace among countries.         United Nation has many sub-organizations like Unesco, UNICEF ((that take care of the affected children and women and provide them with all the basic needs of life like food, clothes, medicos, and shelter) and ICJ ( Internation court of justice ) and many sub-brands.   UNO has officially six languages, Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese.    The major focus of UNO is in, Fighting climate change, Upholding Human Rights, maintaining International peace and security and many more.   These are below main Bodies of UNO –

  • The General assembly Security Council  
  • The Economic and Social Council  
  • The Trusteeship Council  
  • The International Court of Justice  
  • The Secretariat  

you can read more about UNO on their website

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