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What is the Full form of WIFI

The Full form of Wifi is Wireless Fidelity. It is also spelled as Wi-fi in the local wireless world. Wifi allows computers and devices to communicate over a wireless network or connection. Wifi works with ISM radio bands to work with and share data over different electronics.
Wi-Fi organize segments depend on one of the 802.11 models created by the IEEE and embraced by Wi-Fi partnership. It furnishes a standard method to associate with the remote system. Wi-Fi is the trademark of the Wi-Fi coalition and utilized as a brand name for items utilizing the IEEE 802.11 models. 
Wi-Fi can be utilized on a few sorts of gadgets like PCs, computer game comfort, PDAs, advanced camera, tablet PCs and so forth. You can utilize Wi-Fi to make a hotspot inside the scope of 20 meters (66 feet). It is less secure than wired association in light of the fact that the interloper needn’t bother with the physical association with utilizing the Wi-Fi.
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