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WWF Full form: There is 2 Full form of WWF in various sectors. The First is the World Wrestling Federation and second is World wide fund of nature. Here I will tell you about both of the full forms of WWF and give you a brief induction about both of them here.

(1) WWF: World Wrestling Federation

WWF stands for world wrestling Federation. Its New name is WWE ( World Wrestling entertainment. It is a wrestling entertainment company that organize the wrestling matches between wrestler. Its headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut United States.

It is a very famous brand that people knows and they have very big fan base across the globe. WWE is currently working in more than 150+ countries and regularly organize shows. There have some very popular sub-brands and events like RAW, Smackdown, Wrestlemania, WWE NEXT, and so on.

It was founded by jack Mcmahon and toots Mondt under the name of Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC). It was renamed several times after its existence, from Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

It has provided many stars to the world of the wrestling and It has provided many iconic matches to the audience. WWE has a large number of fan following across the globe and WWE organizes many WWE matches and events in many countries. It shows RAW and Smackdown supposed to happen on Friday and Thursday respectively. Big Events like Wrestlemania take place each year and many other events like TLC (Tables ladder Chairs) matches and many other events as well.

WWF has given many stars like John Cena, Dwane Johnson aka The Rock, Undertaker, Khali, Kane, Randy ortan, and many more stars I cant list here.

(2). WWF: World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF represents World Wide Fund for Nature. It is one of the main preservation associations of the world whose crucial to protect the indigenous habitat and make amicability among nature and people.

world wide fund of nature

The association was built up on 29 April 1961. It opened its first office in the Swiss town of Morges and is enlisted under Swiss law. It has workplaces in excess of 80 nations around the globe and it utilizes around 6000 full-time representatives. Aside from the full-time workers, it is upheld by around 5 million individuals all inclusive.

The World wide fund makes huge contribution towards preserving biodiversity on earth and footprints.

The Biodiversity refers to the variety of the life on earth that are responsbile for the human evoluction on the earth. The WWF focusing on reviving the endangered species on the planet like Giant panda, Tiger, Wooping crane, sea otter, Blue Whale and many more (source: britannica)

The footprints refers to the human envolvement in deforestation, hunting, and many other sectors like utilizing natural resources optimaly.

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